Aston Villa Double Victory - Football Christmas Card

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A handmade Aston Villa Football Club Christmas Greetings Card, the perfect festive cheer for any Villan.

Crafted with pride, this greetings card is printed on high-quality card stock to capture the jubilant spirit of victory.

Revel in the joy of Aston Villa's impressive wins over Manchester City and Arsenal with our special Christmas card. It's a celebratory must-have for every loyal Villa supporter during the holiday season.

Printed on superior-quality card stock, this card features a hand-drawn illustration of the Aston Villa players in a moment of togetherness, celebrating their triumphs.

The card reads: "You know that feeling when you play Man City & Arsenal in the space of a few days & end up beating them both... I hope your Christmas is as magical as that!"

Please note: The card is left blank inside, providing a space for your personal festive greetings. Size: 6inches x 6inches

This exclusive Aston Villa-themed Christmas card is an ideal way to share the magic of the season combined with the thrill of football. Whether you're sending it to a friend, family member, or a fellow fan, this card is sure to be a holiday favourite.