Everton's Derby Win Card - Klopp's Farewell Spoiled

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Product Description: Celebrate a cheeky victory with the Everton's Derby Triumph Card, featuring the unforgettable moment when the Blues crushed their rival's title dreams and put a damper on Klopp's farewell tour. The perfect cheeky reminder for any Evertonian, this card captures the sweet taste of derby glory.

Savour the 2-0 win with artwork that brings the excitement right into your hands. Choose between two playful messages that perfectly sum up the feeling of outshining Liverpool:

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  1. "I hope your day is as good as that!"
  2. "I love you more than that!"

Each variant is designed to bring a smile and a nod of shared joy amongst the Toffees' faithful.

Size: 6 x 6 inches.

Please note: The card is blank inside, ready for your personal touch. Envelope included.

A Gift for the Blue Side of Merseyside: Whether it's to commemorate the win, gift to a die-hard Everton fan, or to have a laugh with a mate, our Everton Derby Victory Card is a reminder of the day the Blues had the last laugh. Local Lingo delivers a dose of derby delight straight to your doorstep.