Scouse Sayings - Liverpool Translations Print

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High quality hand drawn illustrated print

Featuring the most popular Scouse sayings, phrases & hand drawn Liverpool landmarks. Translated into hilarious Queens English helping everyone understand the famous Liverpool accent, words & dialect.

Print reads:  Soft lad: A term of endearment. Boss la: That's really good. Eeee: I think this is simply a sound. Fancy a bevvy?: Would one like an alcoholic beverage? Yano wa a mean like?: Does one understand me? Sound: Yes, wonderful. Proper devoed: One is very upset. The arl fella: Father, Dad/old man. Woolyback: Non scouser. Proper made up la: One is very happy. Calm down, Calm down.

  • Choose A3 or A4 size print (will fit any standard A3 or A4 frame respectively). 
  • Product is print only - the framed print in our image is for illustrative purposes only.