Swiftie (Noun) Definition - Taylor Swift Fan Artwork Print

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Celebrate your love for Taylor Swift with our 'Swiftie' definition print. This handmade artwork by Local Lingo captures the essence of being a dedicated Swiftie, defining it as a fan whose heart beats to the rhythm of Taylor's songs. Perfect for any Taylor Swift enthusiast, this print is a charming addition to your home, office, or personal space, embodying the spirit and passion of Swifties everywhere. Whether you're quoting lyrics, attending concerts, or living your best 'Fearless' life, this print is a must-have for your collection.


A4 or A3 (unframed) print:

Print reads: 'n. A Taylor Swift fan whose heart beats to the rhythm of her songs. Often found quoting lyrics, attending concerts, and living their best 'Fearless' life.'

Please note: The framed print depicted is for display purposes only.