West Ham United - Jarrod Bowen Football Christmas Card

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Description: Experience the thrill of the game this festive season with our handmade West Ham United Christmas Card, featuring the iconic Jarrod Bowen in full celebration. Perfect for any Hammers supporter, this card is sure to score points with its unique blend of football fervour and holiday spirit.

Card Message Front: You know that feeling when it's the 90th minute of a European final and Bowen races through to score the winner... I hope your Christmas is as good as that!

Please Note: The card is blank on the inside, waiting to be filled with your personal messages of cheer and goodwill.

Size: 6 inches x 6 inches

Imagery: A vibrant illustration of Jarrod Bowen, immortalised in his moment of glory, adorns the front of the card, set against a backdrop of festive elements and West Ham pride.

Product Narrative: This Christmas, let the spirit of a last-minute victory wash over you with our specially designed West Ham greeting card. Celebrate the festive period with the same intensity and passion as a historic matchday, capturing the essence of a true West Ham triumph with every card you send.

Each card is a token of the elation that every Hammer feels when victory is snatched in those final, crucial moments. It's more than a greeting; it's a shared memory, a communal cheer, and a wish for a Christmas filled with joy as intense as a winning goal in the dying seconds of the game.

Perfect for fans who live and breathe West Ham United, this card is a must-have this holiday season. Spread the cheer in true Hammers fashion—grab yours today and make this Christmas as memorable as a legendary win on the pitch!